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Weather in Malta

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Malta basks in the warm Mediterranean sunshine for much of the year, enjoying temperatures that reach highs of 30 degrees in the summer and rarely dip below 15 degrees in the winter.

The end of winter comes when the first wild flowers push their heads up in February, and from then until May, the islands are ablaze with flowers including crocuses and fritillaries. In April the temperature begins to rise, and by May the highs of 23 degrees signal the end of the flowering season. From June to early September, the islands shimmer with heat haze, and local and tourists alike welcome the afternoon siesta as an escape from the midday heat, especially in August. This is the best season to come if you are considering to buy a villa in Malta. It's also the ideal season to enjoy diving. By mid September the nights have cooled and the heat is more temperate, heralding the wettest month of the year, October. Temperatures remain in the low 20 degrees until December, where they remain constant until the April sunshine banishes the clouds once again.

However, the definition of cloud and rain is relative for anyone used to living further north! Malta still enjoys an enviable eight hours of sunshine on average – and that’s an annual average, not a summer one! The native may wear their sweaters in 15 degrees of heat, but it’s a great temperature to wander around historic cities in, unencumbered by heavy coats. See our travel tips on what to bring with you during your holiday. Rainfall is a welcome sight in these islands, where five major plants turns seawater into 50% of the drinking water for the island.

Sun worshippers should remember that Malta lies close to the coast of Africa, and the sun in summer is very strong. The cooling breezes from the ocean are welcome, but never forget to frequently apply plenty of high factor sunscreen to prevent burning. A hat is a sensible precaution for adults and children alike.

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